Things to Know About Adding a Pergola to Your Home

Adding a pergola to your home instantly adds a bit of character that cannot be created with other additions. You are bringing something unique and different to your homes look, and a pergola immediately draws the attention of your guests. You may place a pergola in front of your home to completely alter the curb appeal of the house, or you may place a pergola in the backyard where you can relax away from the rest of the world.

What Style Pergola Should You Choose?

A pergola can be built in any shape you want, and you may place the pergola in any location around your home. The pergola may be circular, octagonal or any other shape you choose. A large pergola will help you create a nice seating area, and a small pergola may function like a monument in your backyard. Match the shape of the pergola to the style of your home, and match the size of the pergola to your needs.
Pergolas have open roofs, and the roof can be used much like an arbor. You may choose to have the roof slats as close together as possible, or you may choose to place the roof slats far apart. The amount of light you get in the pergola changes based on the roof style, and you may select a roof style that matches your deck.

What Size Pergola Do You Need?

A large pergola can be used to create a seating area in the backyard, or a small pergola will provide a design feature in the yard that stands out from everything else. You may place a pergola in the middle of your garden, or you may place a large pergola alongside your deck. Ask your contractor what size you need based on the pergola’s purpose, and cover floor plans for the pergola that offer enough seating for your family.

Seating People or Growing Vines?

A pergola can be used for seating in the springtime, and the pergola will offer you a nice reading area in the middle of the day. You can look up at the stars in the pergola, or you can chat with your friends during a party. The pergola is a striking addition to your property, but it is not the only place where you can sit. You may choose the pergola for growing vines.
Tomatoes and vines can be grown on the roof of your pergola, and you can cultivate quite an impressive garden on the structure. The color of the pergola itself is a moot point because vines will cover all the wood and you will have plenty of room to grow as much as you want. Building a pergolas is more impressive than building an arbor, and you may combine your growing space with your seating area.

Increase Your Home’s Value

A pergola will instantly increase the value of your home, and the striking presence of the pergola will make your property more appealing. You build a pergola when you want to make your home look more beautiful, and buyers will pay more for your property because of the pergola. You are investing in the present and future when you build the pergola.
Pergolas are open arbors that you can use for seating or growing, and you may contact a contractor who will create a pergola that you will be proud of. Build the pergola in any size, paint it any color and use it for any purpose to improve the comfort and style of your home.

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