Increasing Your Home’s Beauty and Value with a Deck

Adding a deck to your home will not only add more to its beauty but increase its value as well. A deck provides endless opportunities for BBQ’s, gathering of family and friends or just sitting and relaxing. When building a deck, it is important that certain guidelines be followed if you are to obtain the desired results.


A deck project can be costly. Therefore, it is important to check out all choices in wood, labor and other expenses if you are to stay within your budget. Savings can be made by the type of material chosen and by doing some or all of the work yourself. Being flexible will allow changes that will not spoil the overall beauty of the project.


Taking time to plan the deck carefully will pay off with a beautiful addition to your property. Whether it is attached to the home, constructed near a swimming pool or located in another area of the yard, there are many different ways a deck can be constructed to fit in beautifully with the rest of your property.
Decks can be build square, hexagon, round or in any shape that will be practical as well as attractive. They can also be raised, ground or building level. Measuring the area where the deck is to be installed is essential to be sure it will fit in with the surrounding vicinity.


If using a contractor, it is important to check out his credentials and any reviews that may be available. In addition to size and location, there may be building permits involved. If you are building it yourself, be sure to check all the options prior to beginning the project. Most towns have building codes and safety requirements for decks. In addition, if your home is in an area with a homeowners association, there may be covenants governing this type of addition.

Choosing Decking Wood

Choosing the correct wood for your deck is extremely important if it is going to last for many years and keep its original finish. There are pros and cons regarding which kind of wood will provide the desired results.
Redwood, cedar, pressure-treated and hardwood are types of wood recommended for decking. Redwood provides an excellent finish to a deck. It resists warping and retains its finish longer than other woods. However, because this wood comes from old redwood forests it can be quite expensive.
Cedar decking is the type usually used for decking and has a natural resistance to insects and rots. It is recommended that it be used vertically rather than in straight lines due to its tendency to splinter.
Pressure treated lumber is less expensive than cedar or redwood however, it is important to purchase a high-grade type that has been treated with water repellents. Pre-stained lumber will keep its color and only require a finishing coat.
Hardwoods (mahogany, ipe and teak), are beautiful and will provide a deck that is resistance to mildew and termites. In addition, it has a tight grain and a smooth finish. However, it is more expensive than other woods available.


There are wide varieties of stains and coatings that cannot only provide a beautiful look but also will provide protection from rot, insect and moisture damage. People have found that marine coatings, with a wide variety of colors, are an excellent cover for decks. They are colorfast, non-skid and durable, which prevents wood splinters. In addition to having no harmful odors, they are resistant to mildew, fungi and mold. Many of these coatings come with a ten-year warranty.
Stains and sealers are also popular with people who are building decks. Solid stains offer ultimate protection and look like paint when applied. Sealers retain the original grain of the wood. Both limit moisture absorption and insect damage.
A deck will not only add hours of pleasure for your family and friends but also prove to be an excellent investment. Following proper guidelines will assure you will have a structure that will last for many years.

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