How To Maintain & Protect Your Wood Deck

If you have a wooden deck connected to your home, then it’s vital you take proactive steps to protect it from the environment so that it lasts as long as possible. Many people believe that rain is the biggest threat to their deck, but this is not always the case. Although moisture will cause wood to begin to swell, the ultraviolet rays from the sun can damage the wooden fibers on the surface, contributing to the destruction of your deck.

These factors can quickly add up in only a few years and cause even the most vibrate wooden deck to become visibly worn. Luckily, you have several options from which to choose when your goal is to keep the surface of your deck looking as good as new.

Deck Cleaning

Before you stain and seal your deck, you must ensure it is clean so that mold and dirt do not get stuck on the surface. To achieve this, many people opt to use a chemical cleaner, such as chlorine or acid. Using chlorine is an excellent way to eliminate mold and mildew, but before using it, you must ensure your pets are kept inside or otherwise prevented from accessing the area.

If your deck is covered with stains, then using oxalic acid is recommended, but chemicals can cause damage if they are left on for an extended period. So, after 20 minutes has passed, you must rinse your deck off with water.

Staining and Sealing

Now it’s time to apply a sealant to your deck so that it will maintain its vibrant color for years to come, and it’s important you consider your goals before deciding which option is best. For example, a clear finish is an excellent choice for those who want to protect the wood without altering its color or appearance in any way. When you use this method, your deck will be protected from splitting and cracking.

If you need to restore the look of a slightly damaged wood surface, then you want to use a good toner. In addition to protecting the surface, it will add a bit of color to lightly damaged wood so that its appearance is restored.

Maintaining Your Deck

You must also be proactive in preventing unnecessary damage to the surface of your deck so that you can further extend its life span. Use caution anytime you move furniture to or from your deck so that you don’t accidentally scratch the wood surface.

Although summer cookouts can be great fun, grease from the grill can cause damage, so it’s vital you take measures to prevent any spills. Keep some sandpaper in your home so that you can remove any rough spots on your deck, and you can keep a garden hose on hand and rinse your deck off on a regular basis.

Final Thoughts

It does not take long for your deck to start showing signs of damage, but a little planning can work wonders to preserve the appearance of any wood surface. Not all wood treatment supplies were created equal, so you must carefully consider your goals before deciding the right one for you. Many people believe their job is done once their deck is stained, which is not true.

Although staining and sealing the surface will go a long way in the prevention of damage, it’s also essential to take ongoing steps to protect your deck. Wash off any dirt that accumulates with a garden hose, and always do your best to prevent scratching the wood finish with chairs and tables. Following these simple steps will enable you to get years of enjoyment from your deck.

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