Enhance Your Backyard This Summer With A Few Easy Landscaping Ideas

We’re finally approaching that glorious time of the year where the temperatures are heating up and the daylight extends well past 6pm. Say it with me, summertime! Before you know it, the summer months will be greeting you with plenty of outside activities such as bike riding, backyard bbq(s), and a lot more water related events that just weren’t possible in the previous months. But before we get ahead of ourselves, ask yourself this one question: are you ready? How about your backyard? Is it ready to host that cookout you’ve been promising your friends and family since Thanksgiving?
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How to Prepare Wood for Staining

The durability and beauty of any stain work rests on the stain quality and the preparation of the surface. Just as you cannot brush your shoes without dusting them off first, you should not stain a wood surface without cleaning it.

Homeowners spend very little time on surface preparation. Instead, they spend lots of hours in selecting the right color for the stain product. However, professionals know that when you prepare well, your stain will last and it will prevent you from having many problems. To properly prepare your surface, follow the steps below.
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Repair or Replace? Which One Does My Deck Require?

A deck creates continuity between your home and the outdoors; therefore, it is an important part of your home. Every homeowner understands that proper maintenance and inspection is the key to ensuring that a deck has a long life. Unfortunately, most homeowners do not know when the time is right for a deck repair or replacement.
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