Transform Your Deck From Functional to Fantastic

Many people are expanding outside their homes and creating additional living space in “the great outdoors.” So many spend longer hours at work that when they come home, they want a space to be all about relaxation. The backyard is the perfect spot to add some tranquility. If you don’t know where to begin to transform your oasis, then start with the basics. Here are some trends that will enhance your space and give you the perfect outdoor retreat.

Extend or Create A Large Deck

To increase the square footage of usable outdoor space, try by adding or increasing the deck. Home owners used to be happy with a standard 20×10 deck that fit a grill and some furniture. Decks these days are just as nice as the inside of the home. They include multiple levels and ample square footage. Using pergolas and walls, you can define separate rooms to add privacy. Short on space? Why not add built-ins that won’t take up much room and will add additional seating? Storage and planters can also help to beautify the space and give it that “homey” feeling that most people crave. People are thinking about the space more than ever before. Be creative and don’t be afraid to think outside the box on size, shape, and style.

Spend More Time Outdoors

The seasonal changes once put a damper on spending time outside. However, outdoor enthusiasts are not prohibited by Mother Nature and her seasons. Now, fire pits allow people to use their decks 30 percent more than before. If the weather is a bit chilly, it is the perfect time to sit outside and snuggle next to a fire. In tropical climates, people use their decks all year long. In the northern part of the United States, people can use their decks as early as February and March. On the flip side, they can use them way up until November with the use of a fire pit.

It’s easy to see that lighting has extended the time a person can use their outdoor oasis. Remember when people tried to use tiki torches? They are a thing of the past. Lighting styles today are much more sophisticated. Using low-voltage, wired lights can provide the illumination needed. It makes walking around in the dark safer, and it adds just the right amount of illumination for the perfect conversation. Why not add a dimmer to a light switch to enhance the mood?

Install A Fully Functional Kitchen

Grilling may be one of the best reasons to enhance the outdoor space. Forget a charcoal grill, and do they even sell those anymore? Today’s outdoor space needs a full-service kitchen. Take your grilling to a whole new level with a cooktop surface and grill combination. Add some counters, a cabinet or two, and some storage, and you will have the perfect spot for entertaining.

Add Water The Other Essential Element

Since the outdoor space has earth, wind, and fire, water would be the other essential element. Adding a water fountain to the deck can enhance the tranquility of the space. A hot tub is another great water element that promotes relaxation. If you live in a busy neighborhood with lots of cars bustling about, the water can help distract the noise and give the illusion of a getaway destination.

Builders today feel like they are creating a house outside of the home. The deck can be anything you want it to be. We have come a long way from old-school patio furniture. You can have a couch and big screen combination to complete your look. Once you spread to the outside, some say that living “indoors” again is never the same.

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