The Ultimate Sun Arbor for Your Home

When built right, a sun arbor adds charm and style to your home. Like other parts of your property, sun arbors need skill and care to flourish and last long. Different homeowners have different results in mind of how their sun arbors should appear. There is a wide variety of flexible designs to suit your preferences. Homeowners invest a lot of time choosing the ideal arbor for a more comfortable space. Here is how to pick out your perfect sun arbor and save money in the process.

Create a Garden

Do you have a small space but still need a garden? Traditional arbors can offer shade and give you a garden at the same time. Use latticework to personalise your space. This will allow growth of vines within the fence connecting points and the groves. To utilise the vertical space, you can elevate the vine plants on the ceiling. Use garden trays for flowers and herbs to maximise usage of the trailing space.

Make it Elegant

Soak up in relaxation after a long day in the Gable Garden Arbor. It uses a pitched roof design. The sharp angles are easy to manipulate for a perfect backdrop for an outdoor dinner or enjoying the sunset. Attaching a chandelier at the centre of the Gable Garden Arbor adds a touch of elegance to your space. Depending on the privacy you need you may surround the arbor with trees for a more intimate space.

The Focal Point

The Archway Arbor gives a clean break to the flow of your yard. It divides a large yard for a more integrated look creating a central space with beautiful scenery to unwind and connect. Adding furniture pieces like a bench or stools can make your arbor a perfect spot for cocktails.

Sun arbors come in various materials. Depending on your garden type, budget and taste, each type has its pros and cons. Understanding what works for you will help you save money and energy in your comprehensive arbor search. Cheap can be expensive and expensive is not always quality.

  • Wooden arbors are the cheapest option of sun arbors. Wet environments will make wood rot. The intense sun dries out the wood making it brittle after some seasons. If you go for the wooden option, ensure it is well treated. It will withstand the harsh weather, thus lasting longer.
  • Plastic arbors are pricier but more durable than the wooden ones. They come in different shapes, sizes and colors. To get the most value for your bucks, go for UV stable plastic arbors. They will not fade when exposed to the sun. You will thus not need to keep replacing them with time.
  • Metal Arbors are the most durable and the least affordable. They have an added advantage of holding more weight. Metal arbors are susceptible to rusting. Be sure to paint it to keep them for longer. Use brightly colored paint for reflection of intense sun rays.

Arbors go hand in hand with climbing plants. The plants add fragrance, hide unattractive views and offer shade. It is never the right choice with the wrong plant. Some might end up stealing your space or need regular maintenance which translates to more time and money. The secret is choosing an all-weather plant. You will not need to replace them after every season. Know the right spot to place your plant to avoid overspreading.

A perfect arbor brings color, function and beauty to your home. Regardless of the design of your garden, home or backyard they blend naturally with the existing landscaping. Enjoy your space on your terms with the perfect sun arbor at a friendly budget.

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