Summer is the Right Time To Build Your Outdoor Kitchen

Considering an outdoor kitchen for your home? The best time to build your new space is during the summer when you don’t usually have to contend with adverse weather conditions and have sufficient time to get all the appliances and amenities installed to create a beautiful living space. Another reason to build your kitchen during the summer is that home improvement stores have clearance sales to make room for fall and winter merchandise so you can get some excellent prices. Before you hire a contractor that specializes in outdoor kitchens, here are things to consider before you begin the project.

  • Budget
  • Kitchen layout
  • Design
  • Location of the kitchen
  • Storage
  • Ambiance

1. Decide on how much you want to spend and stay within your budget. Considerations include the appliances, seating, lighting, countertops, and materials. The flooring should stand up to occasional spills and be slip-resistant to prevent accidents. It’s a good idea to consult with a specialist who can advise you on the materials that are best suited to the climate in which you live. Higher quality means you may pay more at the outset, but you won’t have to replace finishes or appliances as frequently.

2. The layout of the outdoor space is determined by how much available space you have and the components you want. You can keep it simple with space for grilling and storage. However, if you have a spacious backyard, you can create a living space with a fully-equipped kitchen, bar, and living area with a sound system or big screen TV in a place that’s protected from the weather.

3. Get creative in terms of the style and colors you incorporate into the kitchen. An essential factor to remember is to buy appliances that are energy-efficient and materials that will stand up to changing weather conditions. Wicker or wrought iron furniture is easy to move to a protected place if your kitchen will be used part of the year and will be winterized.

4. If you spend a lot of time outdoors grilling and enjoying your backyard, you may want to build your outdoor kitchen adjacent to an exterior room like a four-seasons room or design it so there’s an overhang or roof for protection from the elements. An existing deck or patio is an excellent choice for the new kitchen.

5. If your landscaping or the surrounding scenery may be blocked by the construction, consider building the kitchen off to one side of the house, and close enough to the indoor kitchen so you don’t have to carry everything too far. Allow space for preparing food and areas for friends and family to congregate and enjoy the view.

6. Storage is a consideration because utensils, plates, and glasses must be protected from changes in temperature, pollen, dust, rain, and animals. Air-tight containers in cabinets are the best way to store everything safely. You should have a spot to store supplies for cleaning to avoid frequent trips into the house.

7. The right ambiance is essential to making the most of your outdoor living space. Specialty lighting will enhance the area, create a relaxing atmosphere, extend the time you spend outside and offer safety on walks and stairways. Choose small tables for guests to place food and drinks and chairs that are easy to stack if the area is going to be winterized. You can create ambiance in your outdoor space that’s compatible with the climate. Overhead fans will keep everyone cool in a warm region; while a fire pit keeps the space warm and cozy in cooler climates and extends outdoor time.

An outdoor kitchen project requires a lot of planning, but allows you to get as creative as you wish. Before you begin construction, find out if you need any permits or inspections by the community in which you live. Although your outdoor space is for relaxing and entertaining, it will increase the value of your home and extend the time you and spend outdoors.

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